API documentation

Python API

The dorina python API can be used to run local dorina queries. The central entry point for all analyses is the run.analyse function.
def analyse(genome, set_a, match_a='any', region_a='any',
            set_b=None, match_b='any', region_b='any',
            combine='or', genes=None, window_a=-1, window_b=-1,
It takes the name of the genome assembly to use, and at least a list of set A regulator names. A simple analysis run with a custom regulator would be:
from dorina.run import analyse

results = analyse('hg19', ['/path/to/custom/regulator.bed', 'PARCLIP_PUM2_hg19'])


List available datasets

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/genomes List available genomes
GET api/v1.0/assemblies/:genome List available assemblies for a genome
GET api/v1.0/regulators/:assembly List available regulators for an assembly

Run search

Resource Description
POST api/v1.0/search Run a doRiNA search

Query job information

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/status/:uuid Get the status for job :uuid
GET api/v1.0/result/:uuid Get the result for job :uuid

Download data

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/download/results/:uuid Download all results for job :uuid
GET api/v1.0/download/regulator/:assembly/:name Download the regulator :name for :assembly